Deep Cleaning – Spring Cleaning

If you are a new customer who has not had professional cleaning services in a while, you will most likely need to have your home deep cleaned. We also perform this as a one-time, monthly, or quarterly service. If you are on a budget we will be happy to customize your deep cleaning package!

This service is often broken into two or more appointments. During this thorough cleaning, we perform a routine cleaning plus the following:

Deep Cleaning

    • Wet wash and clean:
      • baseboards
      • window sills and tracks
      • slider door tracks
      • handrails and spindles
      • door frames and knobs
      • cabinets and pulls
    • Clean inside oven
    • Clean inside refrigerator
    • Clean top of the fridge and top of kitchen cabinets
    • Clean ceiling fan build-up
    • Clean decorations, collectibles, picture frames, other collections
    • Clean visible areas of washer/dryer

Do you have a list of items you want cleaned? We are flexible and will work out a custom cleaning plan with you.