Move In / Move Out

No one on the planet enjoys moving! The worst part is having to clean up your old place and your new place! If you rent property, there’s no telling what condition it may be in at the end of a lease. We can help tenants and landlords with cleaning issues, just give us a call!

During a move in/ move out clean, the following are completed for you:
Move In / Move Out Cleaning:

    • Wet wash and clean all baseboards, window sills and tracks, handrails and spindles, door frames and knobs, vents, cabinets, tops of shower doors
    • Clean inside oven
    • Clean inside refrigerator
    • Clean top of fridge and kitchen cabinets
    • Clean ceiling fan build-up
    • Clean inside drawers and inside cabinets/closets
    • Dust walls, clean if heavily soiled
    • Clean inside windows
    • Fully clean kitchen and bathrooms
    • Floors vacuumed and mopped
    • Clean visible areas of washer/dryer and under if you have disconnected it